Unpacking Design

Episode 26 - Unpacking Sleep

Episode Summary

How does sleep help designers work efficiently, get new ideas, and stay focused? Learn more about Mike and Tim’s thoughts on why sleep is one of the most important components of every designer’s life in this episode.

Episode Notes

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How does sleep help designers work efficiently, get new ideas, and stay focused? In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about the struggle with getting enough sleep that nearly every designer faces during their time at a university and onward.

There’s a feeling of camaraderie and pride that comes with staying up late into the night. Perhaps its driven by the culture that has permeated our society where people who sleep less are seen as successful hard working individuals who put their hustle ahead of everything else. However, the accumulation of sleep debt is one that has been proven to slow down one’s ability to make decisions, reduction in overall awareness, and more.

Our minds need to have a break in order to process everything that has occurred throughout the day and to move onwards to new ideas. Learn more about the struggles that Mike and Tim faced with sleep during their time in architecture school and how important sleep is in their lives today,

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