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Episode 27 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 01 // Bird Houses and Little Libraries

Episode Summary

In this new series, Design Life, Tim talks about a research project that he’s currently working on that investigates the evolution of a kit house and speculates the future of prefabricated architecture in the 21st century. Mike reflects on his experience designing and fabricating a little outdoor library for a community in Buffalo, NY.

Episode Notes

Shownotes: www.unpackingdesign.com/27

This new series in Unpacking Design called Design Life focuses on the current projects that Mike and Tim are working on. To start off this series, Tim shares a research project that he’s currently working on that focuses on the evolution of kit houses from the beginning of the 20th century to prefabricated houses of the late 20th century. He talks about how this research project has influenced his life as an architect by shaping the way he thinks about the process of construction.

Then, Mike gets into a retrospective discussion about a little free library that he designed for a community in Buffalo through a competition that he entered and won. He talks about his thoughts and ideas during the design phase, the struggles he encountered during construction, and why he returned to the final built library to fix it up.

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