Unpacking Design

Episode 28 – Unpacking Mass Production

Episode Summary

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about ideas that they’ve wanted to design and mass produce from bird houses to lamps made of recycled cardboard. They talk about how they would start creating these products and scale it up to mass production.

Episode Notes

Shownotes: www.unpackingdesign.com/podcast/28

Following up on Mike’s reference to designing and making birdhouses at the end of the Unpacking Design Life episode, Tim continues the conversation and talks about product ideas that he has been brainstorming; birdhouses and recycled cardboard lamps.

As you probably know from the Unpacking Glowforge episode, Tim owns a laser cutter that’s able to cut a variety of materials like wood, paper, leather, acrylics, and so on. Currently, Tim hasn’t been developing projects to prototype and eventually mass produce on his laser cutter. His only ongoing projects on the laser cutter are leather prototypes for his retail store, Mars Leather Company.

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about some of the ideas that they’ve had for physical products that they can design, fabricate, and sell. The first is a bird house that can be cut from several sheets of plywood on the laser cutter and easily assembled by the customer. The next is a series of table lamps using recycled cardboard as the lamp shade.

Join us as we brainstorm design ideas and discuss their potential for mass production.

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