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Episode 29 - Unpacking Burnout

Episode Summary

In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about how they’ve burned out in their lives as creatives. Mike’s personal journey through burnout came from his decade long pursuits related to his career as an architect and his sacrifice of his health and relationships. Tim talks about his close encounter with leaving his life as an architect during his time as a sophomore student in college.

Episode Notes

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One of the hardest things in life for anyone to overcome is burnout and this is one of the most common struggles for creative professionals. What does it feel like to burnout?

Mike shares his personal journey of burning out from overworking himself over his decade long pursuit of the idea of “more” in his career. In 2015, Mike started a blog called Evolving Architect where he shared very high quality blog posts, weekly newsletter, an online course, and more. He was also simultaneously juggling his full time job as an architect, relationships with family, friends, and his wife, and trying to manage his health.

One day, it all came crashing down. Mike internally crashed and needed to take a full year to rediscover his passion, reignite his relationships, and focus on his physical health. Even after a year, he still thinks about the journey that he went through to find balance and harmony in his life.

Tim had a close encounter with burning out early on in his academic career, but fortunately, found his passion for the profession and made it through. How does Tim stay focused on his passions and avoid burnout? By learning and practicing balance in his life.

Join us as we share our stories about burnouts as creative professionals and our ideas for avoiding burnout in your life!

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