Unpacking Design

Episode 31 – Unpacking Process

Episode Summary

How do you take an idea from its inception, execute it, and bring it to completion? Every designer has their own process for starting a project, refining their ideas, and eventually creating the final product. Here’s how Mike and Tim design their architecture projects from concept to completion.

Episode Notes

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Every designers process for developing ideas from its inception through to the final product is different. Some designers, like Mike, start every project with as much research as possible related to their project. This research starts to inform the project and is applied throughout the various stages of design. From sketching to modeling and eventually final documentation, the project eventually reaches its completion.

Tim starts his projects with a written statement that becomes a design brief for the entire project. Then, he researches similar projects like Mike does in his process and transitions to sketching and asking others for their opinion. After this point, Tim drafts his designs and finishes them ahead of their deadlines.

Once a project is a complete, Tim argues that you should never go back and redesign the project time and again. On the other hand, Mike find satisfaction in evolving the designs of projects that he’s already completed. Why?

Find out in this week’s episode where we unpack our design process.


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