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Episode 37 - Unpacking Design Life - Session 03 // paperook

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Where might you find ideas for a potential side hustle in your life? Sometimes, the answer is right in front of us and we’re already building a set of skills that could be used to start a small business. In Mike’s case, his experience developing multiple websites in the past for friends and clients as well as his experience as a licensed architect is shaping his latest venture in website design called paperook.

Episode Notes

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What does it take to start a side hustle and juggle it with a full time job? In this episode, Mike and Tim talk about the different ventures that they’ve developed and juggled with their full time careers as architects. From developing online courses to writing and releasing a book and starting a retail company, all of these ventures require a significant amount of time and sacrifice.

In 2017, Mike had an idea to develop an online course to teach architects how to use a software called Sketchup. Every morning, lunch, and evening, he focused on developing this course, marketing it, and reaching out to other bloggers and podcasters. After launching the course, Mike successfully sold the course to customers. Mike also talks about how juggling this course with his full time occupation and maintaining his blog led to him burning out for a year.

Later in the episode, Mike switches the focus to Tim’s top two side hustles in 2018 which included writing and releasing a book on starting an architecture firm. Tim shares the organic process of setting up a local event for architects to learn about starting an architecture firm through the advice of an architect, lawyers, accountants, and strategic marketing/brand professional, to writing a popular blog post, and eventually his book. They transition into Tim’s latest side hustle, Mars Leather Company, where he’s currently designing, making, and selling leather products.

What advice does Mike and Tim have for people who are looking to start a side hustle of their own? Find out in this week’s episode!

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