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Episode 55 – Unpacking Design Life – Session 09 // Architecture and Storytelling

Episode Summary

In this episode of Design Life, Tim talks about coming up with the last project for his blog, Journey of an Architect, in his 30x30 series and letting go of unrelated pursuits. Mike shares his plans for writing bi-weekly posts for his blog, Evolving Architect, and introducing stories to each post.

Episode Notes

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One habit most designers have in common is that they have so many ideas that they want to pursue. In some cases, all of the ideas are related to one central theme and vision for their future. In others, the only common thread between the ideas is that they’re related to design.

For Tim, his pursuits all came through the projects he designed for his blog, Journey of an Architect, which eventually ranged from architecture to leather product design and writing a book. With so many projects from different areas of design being developed simultaneously, Tim decided it was time to revisit his vision for his future, which is to start an architecture firm. With this in mind, he filtered through all his pursuits and is in the process of letting go of some while reducing his investment of time in others.

On the other hand, Mike has recently embarked on putting his latest plans for Evolving Architect in place for 2019 which focuses on writing bi-weekly posts full of ideas that are shared through stories. Each of these posts will be guided by a monthly theme.

Learn more about Mike and Tim’s pursuits in this Design Life update!

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